Steem is the first and most successful contend-themed Blockchain. Tens of millions of dollars have already been paid out to indie authors and content creators across various apps including Steemit, Busy and D Tube.

Steem has human-friendly account names(ours is @SteemBeginner), offers feeless transactions and a three seconds confirmation time. The Steem blockchain is built on graphene and is capable of up to 100,000 transactions per second.

The first content social app built atop Steem, Steemit has been featured on Wired. There are over 1 million Steem accounts and set to explode after the successful hard fork 20.

With digital content publishers struggling to deal with shrinking ad revenues due to the rise of ad blockers, Steem is poised to begin the next phase of the Internet.


Steem is one of the first Blockchain that supports people of diverse interests and capabilities. Steem is friendly to investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. In fact, you do not need to buy or use facets get your first Steem.


Everyone has a story to tell. No matter where we are and what our current motive is, we all have stories to share. The Steem blockchain recognizes this reality and makes blogging one of its core faculties.

From indie to export expert, the Steem Blockchain has everything you need to get started, from content management to monetization.

Censorship and the lack of financial support for digital content are real. Before you write another letter, take the time to see what Steem can do for you.