A whale is a user with lots of stake in the Blockchain. This usually refers to user with lots of liquid Steem, Steem power or such a high reputation score(above 60), so that they command respect among the community.

Whales with lots of Steem power are revered because their vote could either enrich or impoverish a post.


Typically, this refers to users who are new and have a low reputation score(below 50). Most minors have little liquid Steem or Steem Power.


Typically, this refers to users with reputation score(between 50 and 60). Most dolphins have a fair amount of liquid Steem or Steem Power.


This term is used to describe users who have a Steem account. Facebook users are called "Facebookers", Google user are called "Googlers" and Steem users are called "Steemians".

Do you have a Steem account; if yes, then you are a Steemian!


Witnesses are the miners of the Steem Blockchain, just like how Bitcoin and other blockchain also have miners. Steem's witnesses are voted for by the community, inproportion to the voter's stake(Steem power).


Hardfork is the process of "upgrading" the code that powers the Steem Blockchain. Once a majority of witness nodes run on an upgraded version, the hardfork becomes successful.


Each day, a huge amount of Steem tokens are generated by the blockchain. These tokens are rewarded to:

  • witnesses: the blockchain's miners,
  • investors: Steem power owners and
  • content creators: authors of posts receive upvotes.


Reputation score a user quality metric value on the Steem blockchain for users. The more upvotes a user's posts receive, the higher their reputation will go.

However, if the user receives more downvotes, then their reputation score will shrink to 0 and even into the negative.


On the Steem Blockchain, users vote on content posted by other users. Each upvote will allocate a portion of the daily reward pool to the post(redeemable by the post's author).

Each upvote will increase the author's reputation score. Also, the higher the stake of the voter(Steem power), the higher the amount of reward pool allocated to the post author.


Similar to upvote, when a post receives a downvote, it will loose its allocated reward pool share, also the author's reputation score will be decreased.


Resteem is a term used to describe "sharing" a post(comments are not supported) published by a user on your own account. This is similar to sharing a post on Facebook or re-tweeting on Twitter.